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TootsieWipes™ datasheetFresherizer™ datasheet

DHART Labs has discovered that patients can get reinfected while using public or hotel facilities in which their feet come in contact with unsanitary surfaces. Usually a quick wipe with a sanitizing towel designed specifically to kill foot pathogens does the trick preventing re-contamination of the nail.   TootsieWipes™ are effective against most all nail infecting fungus including the most common, T. Rubrum, T. Tonsurans, T. Mentagro-phytes & Candida Albicans.
Dhart's Patent is pending for this  formulation.
Patients who present with active infections should  check out other appropriate CoolToes™ nail treatments.                     

Five 6"X8” wipes                                  MSRP $9.98



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